General Information : Electric utility , Keşan Vocational School in the 1989-1990 school year with 30 students under the technical department has started training . The training program is 4 semesters .

Program 125m2 two microns and at one laboratory has 50m2 . The first laboratory Winding , Electrical Installation and Electrical machines and applications are made experiments . Used in the laboratory 20 Siemens S7-200 Analog Module and Operator Panel Training Kit with 20 Computer-aided Programmable Controllers experiments and applications, and third in the laboratory Electromechanical Control Systems and Pneumatic training sets and our students the professional knowledge and skills experiments and applications are made .

The purpose of the program : Public and Private Sector 's search equipped with professional knowledge and skills , and self-development following the technology of the day , continuing as a bridge between engineers and technicians to meet the need of qualified technical personnel who are .

Graduates earned diplomas and titles : Electric utility Technician Associate's degree graduate students who take the title .



Subjects of graduates ; • Electrical Low, Medium and High Voltage Installation and Erection,
• stator and rotor windings of electric motors ( Winding ) ,
• Electrical Panel Installation ,
• Mechanical Control ,
• Programmable Controller System Design, Programming and Installation,
• Complementary Installation of Electrical Systems ( Fire Alarm, Booster Systems , Air Conditioning Installation, Clean and Dirty Water Transport Systems Installation) ,
Alumni Employment Areas of the Public and Private Sectors may serve as Electrical Technician . Regulations also set up their own company, determined by the Contracting Authority may , within the limits electricity .

Career advancement possibilities : Electric Program associate degree students who have completed conducted by SSPC Vertical Jump Examination ( DGS) entering if they are successful in Electrical Engineering, Electrical - Electronics Engineering and Electrical Teaching degree program may apply to . LSD can also complete the business license .
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