Gas and Installation Technology

Keşan Vocational College Technical Programs is an affiliate program . Program conducted by SSPC who prefer OSS exam results from the selected students are placed .

According to our university semester system because our school made ​​four semesters of academic training is provided . Of workers in construction and installation works in the industry , from a lack of technical knowledge and skills and powers from the void due to uncontrolled , construction and installation defects in the structure that is observed by everyone .

The structure of our national wealth of our country and live in facilitating efficient and convenient operation allowing both to have installations and equipment of civilization is an important need . Livable , workable , well-being and any need can be met modern buildings construction and equipment to get the job done technically savvy, engineers received the directives craftsmen and workers , giving way all their installations jobs in companies engaged engineers and workers, the gap between the can fill an intermediate element is needed . Fill that gap , in order to Vocational School About Natural Gas , Heating and Plumbing Technology under the name , plumbing understands the installation project, which implements the craftsmen and workers enforce and which is a CAD software in the draw which , with practical experience , modern, contemporary and with the latest technology building equipment capable of technicians It is a program that will train opened .



Job Opportunities:
As a result, students who graduate from this program, Natural Gas, Heating and Plumbing Technology Program on issues related to the industry's needs is to gain knowledge and skills.
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