Large and Small Horned Livestock

General Information : Fattening Program was opened in 1988 as the name of the program for 2009-2010 Academic Year as ' the great and small cattle ' , as amended. We started our program feed analysis laboratory ; feed mills and private businesses to do the analysis of the feed and food for cultivating students have the necessary infrastructure . The training program is 4 semesters .

The purpose of the program : the care of cattle and sheep , feeding , using scientific methods to educate and shelter providing specialized technical staff on planning issues are raised . While improving the productivity of livestock enterprises , from the shelter to the table is aimed to ensure food safety in animal products .

Graduates earn diplomas and titles : Big And Small Head Animal Husbandry Students who graduate from the program ' pre-degree certificate ' is issued. Graduates has all the powers of agricultural technician .



Graduates of the Study Areas;

     Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs in the Provincial and District Directorate of Agriculture,
     Private enterprises engaged in cattle and sheep farming,
     Feed mills,
     Forage quality control laboratories,
     Cattle, sheep and goat breeders' association, in
     Agriculture and animal husbandry in private consulting firm,
     Food production, food production in the small business as the controller,
     The company produces and markets feed additives in
     Animals can also run to the drug store and department for
     Our graduate students can also install their livestock enterprises.

Career advancement opportunities: according to the characteristics of people in the study area can rise to management. Our graduate students Vertical Jump Test (DGS) and the Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Animal Science can switch to.

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