General Information : Fisheries Program , Keşan 2005-2006 Education in Vocational Technical Programs within the Department of Education began with 29 students . Nowadays, located within the Department of Fisheries of the training program is 4 semesters . 120 m2 of the program include laboratory . In a section of the laboratory aquarium fish are produced .
Turkey, the sea and on inland waters biodiversity , as well as having the possibility to produce almost every type of aquaculture is a country that is . Besides the natural stock production by culture of a growing aquaculture animal protein has an important role in eliminating the deficit . In recent years, advances in the aquaculture sector , has increased the need for trained personnel in this field .

The program's aim : Aquaculture Products hunting , cultivating , storing, processing and marketing in the areas of knowledge, skills , innovative , enterprising, continuous learning and self-development , focused on industry needs qualified technical staff to train.

Graduates earn diplomas and titles of : Aquaculture having associate degree graduates receive the title of Fisheries Technician .



Subjects of graduates ;

Water products of hunting , processing , evaluation and marketing,
Freshwater and marine fish production,
Aquarium fish production,
Aquaculture production of crustaceans and arthropods ,
Fish in flour and feed mills, production and quality control analysis,
Water pollution control and analysis.

Graduates of the Study Areas ;

Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Provincial and District Directorates of the Ministry of Agriculture ,
State Hydraulic Works ,
Balıkhan municipal and privately owned shops ,
Commercial fishing boats,
Marine fish production farms ( coastal and offshore cage units) ,
Inland water fish production farms ,
Aquarium and aquarist units ,
Fish meal and fish meal factories,
Seafood processing plants ( frozen, canned , smoked fish, etc.) ,
Tools, equipment and materials as generating industry organizations ,
In addition, aquaculture , processing and marketing in particular can make themselves .

Career advancement opportunities: Aquaculture Program associate degree students who have completed conducted by SSPC Vertical Jump Examination ( DGS) entering if they are successful in Fisheries Engineering , Fisheries Technology Engineering and Agricultural Engineering degree program may apply to . LSD can also complete the business license .

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