Veterinary Sciences

General Information : Veterinary Sciences Program was opened in the 2011-2012 academic year . Subscribe to our program, our analysis laboratories in food and feed , feed mills and private businesses to do the analysis of the feed and food for cultivating students have the necessary infrastructure . Operated in a laboratory environment to the students in private veterinary and animal husbandry cynical business applications built on the . The training program is 4 semesters .
The program's aim : Culture and pet animal breeding , animal nutrition, preventive vaccination , artificial insemination , in laboratories, food and pathological analysis can be done, outbreaks and parasites to fight disease , the clinical examination and operations, veterinarians , which helps in food enterprises as responsible managers perform tasks that can be veterinary health is to train technical personnel capable of operating cabin .
Graduates earn diplomas and titles : Veterinary Sciences Students who graduate from the program ' pre-degree certificate ' is issued.
Graduates of the Study Areas ;

Veterinary clinics,
Drugs , vaccines, serums and medical equipments in manufacturing firms ,
Animal hospitals,
Attached to the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Provincial and District Directorates,
Private enterprises engaged in animal husbandry ,
Feed mills ,
Food and feed quality control laboratories,
Animal breeders in unity ,
Livestock counseling offices,
Enterprises engaged in food production, food production as the controller ,
The company produces and markets feed additives in
Drug store departments ,
Animal products can work in a functioning business .
Our graduate students and their livestock operations also may establish Veterinary Health Cabin .

Career advancement opportunities: they are interested in specified areas in the study area
can rise to management . Our graduate students Vertical Jump Test (DGS ) and the
Department of Biology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine , and they can make the transition .
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