Kesan Vocational School in 1988-1989 at the University of Trakya Special Administrative Office Building ' in education began . In our vocational institutions Engine , Electrical , fattening , Management and Accounting program is opened .

In the academic year 1994-1995 with the Bureau and Secretariat of Tourism and Hospitality Management programs by opening the program has been increased to seven . Completed in 1995 the building was transferred to the new service .

In 1998, as part of the reorganization of the University of Trakya Accounting, Business Office Management and Secretarial programs with other colleges of the university were shifted to .

Other services in the building opened in 2002, a total of 8800 m2 with education continues to be taken off . The second block of classrooms in the same year Kesan interior fixtures were supplied by Chamber of Commerce and Industry .

In 2003, our high performing landscaped garden has been renovated .

2 interior furnishings are new to the 2004-2005 academic year the building was put into service .

In the 2004-2005 academic year program in Child Development and Fisheries opened and the number of our programs is raised to 6
Currently our school and attached to these sections 7 Episode 8 First Teaching program , a total of 11 programs including 3 in Secondary Education program in education and training is ongoing.
School 's social activities in which they operate two of our students and our school students conducted by the club management is supported by the appropriate demands are met . Visual Performing Arts staged every year the theater community and community tourism and outdoor sports trips organized each year students are among the activities .
Every year the University of Thrace , Culture and Sports Festival activities are scheduled during the week in our college . Streetball Tournament is being held traditionally in our district as well as our students participate in public and fusion are provided.
Besides, our school students to our university sports festivals football, basketball and volleyball teams we participate with .

Our school is not within the campus dormitory . However, in our county of Credit and Dormitories Institution with a capacity of 420 boys and girls ( 160 girls and 260 boys) are in the student dormitory . Students in dorms breakfast and dinner needs are meet in our school lunches are .
Müstec is operated by canteens and cafeterias , food inspection is carried out by the Audit Commission .
Students with health problems in our county 4 health centers , state hospitals, and insurance Clinical Tuberculosis can be solved by taking advantage of also able to go to the Medical College Hospital in Edirne .
Our students , including 40 business days based on industry training must take . Industrial training is conducted in accordance with a directive , unless there is an important excuse students for industry training is done during the summer . Industry briefings related to the training program every year under the coordination of the department chair is made by coordinators . Training files are available from the school ' .
To all students who enroll in college lecturers are assigned an advisor and advisory services until the student graduates are continuing. Directorate of instructors evaluated by consultants reports are made to the students needed help and motivation . Students who are not doing well financially related programs determined by the teaching staff are reported to the Directorate of School .
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