Tourism and Hotel Management

General Information : In 1994-1995 Tourism and Hospitality Education and Training Program was started in the name of education within our school . II program . Teaching vardır.yüksekokulu our two blocks consisting 8800M2'Lik off the field . , 22 acre pine grove and landscaped in a school Education vermektedir.programı our 75m2 shuttle service salon and Housekeeping Practices room vardır.Ayrıca 40 computer and the Hotel Automation Programs Training is provided.

The program's aim : Tourism Hospitality sectors ( lodging , food, drinks, etc. . ) Services in the production process could act , in the field of the basic information needed to judge the management that can help or business on its behalf open enough to operate the skilled manpower aim of raising four semesters of Higher Education associate degree program.

Graduates earn diplomas and titles : Students who graduate from the program, " Associate Diploma in Hospitality Services Program " take .


Graduates of the Study Area and Occupation Progress Areas; Alumni Hospitality Management, Travel Agents, Food & Beverage Operations, Thermal Tourism Facilities, Conference-Conference Centers, Marina Operations, Airline Companies, Freight and cruise business, Culture and Tourism Ministry's various units, Vertical Jump Training and information Centers and for ongoing, academic career, employment opportunities available in many areas.
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