Child Development

General Information : Our school child development program in the 2005-2006 academic year began . The program still continues as the first instruction into four semesters .
Subscribe to our program over an area of ​​350m ² pre-school education for children 36-72 months, we have an application that is kindergarten . Our students are our kindergarten course of professional practice .

The program's aim : our program ; child development and the importance of education , adopting the development of children , which recognizes the need to have information about which preschool education institutions , kindergartens , private educational institutions , hospitals, children's clinics , hotels and tourist facilities in the kids clubs and similar in many areas, the task professional staff aims to cultivate qualified to do .

Graduates earn diplomas and titles : at the end of the fourth semester students who graduate from our program , taking associate degree in Child Development clerk job title win.



Graduates of the Study Areas;

     Ministry of Education,
     Ministry of Health,
     Prime Ministry General Directorate of Social Services and Child Protection Agency in the private and public preschool education and special education institutions,
     Children's clinics,
     In hotels, tourist facilities can work in a children's club,

Career advancement opportunities: "Child Development" associate degree program who successfully completed the SSPC filed by the Vertical Jump Test on if they are successful in the Child Development Teacher Training and Preschool Education degree programs can make vertical transfer.
As a result of vertical transmission graduate degree program graduates are awarded the title of teachers, as well as lecturers in universities may be seeing higher levels of education are possibilities.

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